Serving churches

Many traditional British communities are experiencing great change these days. An influx of ethnic groups is changing the make up of our schools, High Streets, and communities. The unknown is often a cause of fear and distrust. This can be the experience of long term members of the neighbourhood as well as the new residents.

The Muslim population continues to grow. Neighbourhoods change drastically. We desire to assist local churches in recognizing the spiritual needs and opportunities for ministry of the Gospel that these changes make possible.

Read more... We would like to offer our help to British churches. Since all situations are different, we can tailor our involvement to your needs with some or all of the following: We can assist in performing a demographic study of your area to identify cultural shift, particularly towards an Islamic presence.

We can assist the Pastor and leadership to challenge their congregation re: their changing community and its needs, evangelistic and growth opportunities, We can assist the Pastor as he begins a Sunday AM teaching series on Sharing the love of Christ from your front door. The goal is to bring church leadership and members on board with the process. We can provide resources and ideas.

When this stage is reached, it could be followed by ABC team members meeting with leadership and officially attending some Sunday services.

There may need to be the presentation of special sessions by various team members on: background of Islam, also presented by an Imam, how to pass on the Good News, answers to questions re Christianity, understanding your own culture and other cultures, the body of Christ, how to care for a convert from another culture.

We will be ready to assist the church in hosting a Meeting for Better Understanding (MBU) by providing guidance to the Pastor on identifying and contacting a Mosque, training on how to organize an MBU, help in getting speakers, literature for distribution.

The ongoing involvement of ABC could see us: providing culturally relevant discipleship materials, establishing training and mentoring for those caring for believers from other cultures, being a continuing resource for the Pastor and congregation.

Please contact us to discuss your needs for training.