Meetings for Better Understanding (MBU)

Welcome to ‘Meetings for better understanding’ (MBU), ‘Meetings for better understanding’ are NOT debates with the goal to win arguments. They are NOT dialogues either, in the sense the word is used by liberal, ecumenical multi-faith gatherings. Contrary to them the aim is not for either side to compromise its message or mix the two faiths. ‘Meetings for Better Understanding’ simply promote a mutual, better understanding of what Muslims and Christians believe. This happens both publicly and after the formal part is over on a personal basis when members of the two faiths can get to know each other. Addressing misunderstandings will reduce fear, suspicion, discrimination, racism and even violence.

Each speaker presents the view of his faith for twenty minutes on a given, specific topic.
A 45 minute question-and-answer period is held afterwards. Questions are usually written down and are to be kept on the topic only. Each speaker may follow up on the an­swer of the other speaker once.